Haunted Garage Sale 2016

20160910_091801This was a very busy day for the entire family as we left early for the annual Haunted Garage sale which took place at a new location in Westland on Cherry Hill near Newburgh. We don’t know if it was the new location or what but the place was packed and seemed to have many more dealers. We bought several signs for .50 cents and a buck and also picked up several items for Jame’s pirate room. We had to hurry through because we had to catch the Michigan game which started at noon. Luckily our neighbor gave us excellent directions on where to park and we made it to the pregame activities in plenty of time. On the way home from the Michigan game we stopped back at the garage sale just before they were closing and picked up a couple other items that the vendors figured was better to sell cheap than not at all. A very bush but wonderful day and a fun time was had by all.

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Spirit Halloween Store

20160820_121733The first Halloween shop of the season opened near us and we took time to visit the store and see whats new for the 2016 season. Big time sales and coupons this time of the year helped and if you do decide on visiting Spirit Halloween make sure you download a coupon or two (only one coupon per product per person). They had a couple awesome displays at the Halloween store including a big bell tower and (our favorite) a hotel lobby with elevators. We picked up a couple items while there, a stuffed scarecrow, a kinda ouija board that moves, and a gravestone with shovel prop. A fun visit and a good job by the Halloween people.

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Michaels Coupon Sale

20160727_212227Michaels is having sale coupons up to 60% and we have been taken advantage of them by adding little houses to our hauntville.org display which just went on display there this week. One is a zombie airplane ride, one is a gas station, and one is a haunted house with ghosts swirling around it. Cracker Barrel also has their Halloween items out which prompted us to have breakfast their one day as well.

James has been involved with summer camps most of this month and while the weather has been hot, it has be gorgeous so Halloween was not really on our minds much, but I did want to post something for the month of July.

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Boneville Cedar Point Video

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Boneville at Cedar Point

Boneville (35)The train ride that takes you to Frontier land has always had one big perk, coming back to the main park you go through Boneville where dozens of skeletons live and as far as Dad can remember they have been there a very long time. Everyone agreed that the best scene was the house fire with the skeletons trying to put out the fire using various methods including a water hose. We rode the train several times to get as many pics as we could because the train is moving and its hard to keep a good focus. Anyhow, this and a movie is what we came up with.

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Garage Sale Days Are Here

20160618_200626As one might imagine, once the nice weather hits Michigan our work on Halloween projects comes to a complete stop and this June is no exception. James had field trips to Cedar Point and Greenfield Village and has also gone with his family to Greenfield Village, Canterbury Village, and Frankenmuth so as spring gives way to summer, James and his family are pretty much enjoying the few warm months we get in a year. However summer also brings garage sales and these are such a great source of finding very inexpensive Halloween props that it simply cannot be ignored. I would estimate 1 out of every 10 garage sales have worthwhile Halloween items so its best to find city wide garage sales such as Dearborn’s historic district sale which happens in June each year. While nothing earth shaking we did find plenty of light up pumpkins, wooden banners, giant spiders, etc and spent maybe $8 – $10 on all of it.

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homeNew website that features the train display from Jame’s Halloween party. The website is set up like a typical city website, but no one has told this city that it actually is in Jame’s basement. The website is divided into different sections like Real Estate with homes for sale, Entertainment with coupons, Shopping with coupons, Weather page which tracks the moon phases, Parks and Recreation, etc. Here is the link to Hauntville.org and we hope you enjoy it.

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Spring Halloween Shopping at Canterbury Village

canterbury (3)We had quite a time Memorial Day weekend as we made the rounds to several great places, but one of them had Halloween items so we thought we would add a post about it. Canterbury village has several shops specifically for Halloween and while most of it is Christmas, Easter and Halloween are both well represented. The best news was that two entire bins of Dept 56 Halloween stuff was on sale for half off due to being discontinued so it turned out to be a great bargain. Another gift shop had 35% off all Halloween so it was truly a good time for shopping and a glorious Memorial day Saturday.

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Spring Halloween Shopping in Frankenmuth

20160521_130134A visit to Frankenmuth is not necessarily all antique and Christmas shopping, James found lots of Halloween and Easter stuff at Bronners and the River Place Shops. One of our good finds was the engine for the zombie train car. Way back after Christmas there was a half off sale at the Town Peddler and one of the items was a zombie train car. It had a wire that attached to a train so that it would light up but unfortunately we did not have the engine which powers it. Now we have so this was a bit of a bonus considering we were not even looking for it. We saw the baby T Rex and a few other items at the River Place shops as well. The weather co-operated but unfortunately the traffic did not as we had closures on I75 both on the way up and the way back.

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Frankenmuth 2016 Scarecrow Festival Dates

20160521_135506 Just a heads up for all who want to take advantage of the activities at Frankenmuth during Halloween season. The dates are Saturday and Sunday October 15th and 16th and Saturday and Sunday October 22nd and 23rd.

The activities take place throughout the Frankenmuth River Shops and include pumpkin catapults (a favorite of James), straw maze, pumpkin painting, and pumpkin bowling. The poster also mentions magic and trick or treating, a couple activities we have not participated in during our visits to Frankenmuth. Hopefully we can get our hands on a schedule before the event.

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