Streets of Northville during Halloween

20161029_102751Michigan has many small treasure throughout the state, the magic capital in Colon Michigan, the Antique Capital near Allen MI, Frankenmuth, Mackinac, etc. But just when you thing you have seen it all we found a city in Michigan where for one month the entire town is filled with skeletons. It seems the whole town (businesses, houses, apartments) gets involved in the Halloween spirit by placing skeletons somewhat related to their businesses on the streets of Northville. Our favorite was the election platform in the town square where Hillary and Donald were squaring off in a debate. Lots of fun and a great big thank you to the city and citizens of Northville who put this event on.

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Greenfield Village Halloween 2016

20161027_141541James visited Henry Ford Museum with his class at LPMS and after was picked up by his parents who took him to visit Greenfield Village and their 1000 pumpkin display. It was very cool today, 48 degrees and the family had to bundle up but they made the trek through the Halloween decorations in the village, although most of the traveling was done via train. The village was very empty compared to the visits we usually make on the weekends so we basically had the whole village to ourselves.

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James Halloween Party 2016

party18James had a really good turnout for the 2016 edition of the Halloween Party. Lots of visitors and friends including meeting some of James’ (future) new classmates at Best Middle School. The weather was perfect and we did things a little differently with the pizza by pre-ordering Papa Johns and then getting Little Caesars later, rather than Little Caesars all day. James is getting better at being a host each year and that certainly helps Mom and Dad. Thanks to everyone for supporting the party, next years party will be Oct 21st, 2017 (Saturday).

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Cedar Point HalloWeekend On A Crowded Saturday

20161008_145317Another great weekend prompted us to hit Cedar Point Halloweekend on a Saturday. This is the first time in years we went to Cedar Point on a Saturday and the place was packed. We still had a blast but will confine our weekend trips to Sunday to avoid the long lines in the future. Even crowded we found several sights we did not see before including 3 singing pumpkins that reminded us of our own behind the pumpkin bar. We figured as James party gets closer and the autumn weather turns cooler that this might be our last chance so we took it. James, Mom, and Dad each got a Cedar Point hoodie for the fall and while this might be our last visit before the winter (Cedar Point is only open weekends till Oct 30th), we are hoping to maybe squeeze in another day weather permitting of course.

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends Pics

20161002_151253What a fun time we had at Cedar Point on a Sunday when two of the Detroit sports teams lost games they should have won (Lions and Tigers).

The first thing we visited was the Graveyard of rides, where most of the rides in there were rode by Dad as a child, next we had lunch at the market place, then James went on some rides while Mom and Dad visited the Rock and Roll Graveyard. Next we took the train (billowing with black smoke was a cool effect) to the Western town and went on the mine ride and took in the sites. Outside the mine ride was a rock monster that was cool, we then went on more rides, saw a parade celebrating 50 years of the Great Pumpkin, and visited their Dinosaur exhibit. Many sites to see, we hope to return shortly to this extravaganza.

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Cedar Point HalloWeekends Movies

20161002_161109After a full day of football on Saturday the family was “sports out” and decided to visit Cedar point for their HalloWeekend extravaganza. Good thing as the Lions lost to Chicago, the Tigers were eliminated from the wild card race, and our favorite Nascar driver was eliminated from the Chase.

James enjoyed the rides as well as the decorations and Mom and Dad were particularly impressed with the rock and roll graveyard. Honorable mention to the rides graveyard as well.

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Decorating Outside

20161001_183717The first weekend in October we begin setting up the Halloween decorations outside, but this year there were two issues with the 2016 first October weekend. 1) It was raining the last few days and was raining Saturday morning and 2) The Michigan Wisconsin game was on at 3:30 featuring two top ten teams. Fortunately the rain gave way around noon and with James’ help we were able to get most of the items up before the Michigan game (Michigan won 14-7 but missed 3 field goals). After the Michigan game we were able to test the lights and replace any bulbs that had burned out. All in all not a bad days work.

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Haunted Garage Sale 2016

20160910_091801This was a very busy day for the entire family as we left early for the annual Haunted Garage sale which took place at a new location in Westland on Cherry Hill near Newburgh. We don’t know if it was the new location or what but the place was packed and seemed to have many more dealers. We bought several signs for .50 cents and a buck and also picked up several items for Jame’s pirate room. We had to hurry through because we had to catch the Michigan game which started at noon. Luckily our neighbor gave us excellent directions on where to park and we made it to the pregame activities in plenty of time. On the way home from the Michigan game we stopped back at the garage sale just before they were closing and picked up a couple other items that the vendors figured was better to sell cheap than not at all. A very bush but wonderful day and a fun time was had by all.

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Spirit Halloween Store

20160820_121733The first Halloween shop of the season opened near us and we took time to visit the store and see whats new for the 2016 season. Big time sales and coupons this time of the year helped and if you do decide on visiting Spirit Halloween make sure you download a coupon or two (only one coupon per product per person). They had a couple awesome displays at the Halloween store including a big bell tower and (our favorite) a hotel lobby with elevators. We picked up a couple items while there, a stuffed scarecrow, a kinda ouija board that moves, and a gravestone with shovel prop. A fun visit and a good job by the Halloween people.

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Michaels Coupon Sale

20160727_212227Michaels is having sale coupons up to 60% and we have been taken advantage of them by adding little houses to our display which just went on display there this week. One is a zombie airplane ride, one is a gas station, and one is a haunted house with ghosts swirling around it. Cracker Barrel also has their Halloween items out which prompted us to have breakfast their one day as well.

James has been involved with summer camps most of this month and while the weather has been hot, it has be gorgeous so Halloween was not really on our minds much, but I did want to post something for the month of July.

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