4th of July & Halloween

20150703_160930This years Fourth of July was awesome, the weather perfect and James did many activities including swimming, baseball, barbecue, and of course fireworks. However there was a “tint” of Halloween done as well.

First up was the firework store selling what we believe to be a new firework called Zombie Clown. The clown reminded us more of Pennywise than a zombie but who are we to question the wisdom of putting a clown on a firework display.

The next Halloween item that happened on the Fourth was finally repairing the Halloween Skull Stand. We got this last year and bought six skulls from the dollar store to put in it (total investment $8 since we paid $2 at a garage sale for the stand). However it became a complete pain as the skulls would fall off the stands with the slightest wind or bump. We tried some marine glue that Mary had bought for a different project and used it on the skulls to see if we could glue them to the stand. Hopefully it works but we won’t know for a while since the cure time is a full week for the glue.

All in all a great Holiday, and the only other Holiday besides Halloween where we prance around the neighborhood in the dark.

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