Cleaning the Garage

20150624_075442Spring and Summer mean work and maintenance outside, whether its mowing the lawn or unclogging the gutters. However some work is more fun that others. Take today, we went through and made a couple makeshift shelfs to help relieve the clutter in the garage, primarily due to blow molds from our Halloween and Christmas displays.

Blow molds are difficult to store because they are so bulky and do not pack flat. They also can be frustrating when put outside because they are light and its easy for the wind to blow them over. We have learned to put about a half dozen or so rocks in the bottom of each one to eliminate the wind problem. We put the Halloween blow molds on one side of the garage and the Christmas on the other, along with Easter right in the middle. Hopefully this will keep our blow molds in good shape till they are needed.

Shown here are some pictures of our Halloween blow molds.

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