After Halloween Sale 2013

20131101_142608As I am sure it has been pointed out before on this blog, Dad get his Christmas and Birthday gift from Mom each year Nov 1, a shopping spree consisting of Kmart, Walmart, Joanns, and Spirit Halloween. This year was no exception, best deals we found were 70% off, but the rest was 50% off. However I think the best deal was the T-shirts, which were only a couple dollars each.

This year James got to join in on the fun as he was off from school for scheduled school admin stuff, so he picked out a few things as well including an Angry Bird Pig pumpkin carving set (you stick the parts into the pumpkin and you are done, no muss, no fuss).

After shopping Mom took the family out to Big Boy for the breakfast bar, a great day with lots of great values.

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