Cedar Point HalloWeekends Pics

20161002_151253What a fun time we had at Cedar Point on a Sunday when two of the Detroit sports teams lost games they should have won (Lions and Tigers).

The first thing we visited was the Graveyard of rides, where most of the rides in there were rode by Dad as a child, next we had lunch at the market place, then James went on some rides while Mom and Dad visited the Rock and Roll Graveyard. Next we took the train (billowing with black smoke was a cool effect) to the Western town and went on the mine ride and took in the sites. Outside the mine ride was a rock monster that was cool, we then went on more rides, saw a parade celebrating 50 years of the Great Pumpkin, and visited their Dinosaur exhibit. Many sites to see, we hope to return shortly to this extravaganza.

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