Pirate Cove Sign

20160429_185808Well, we can finally call Jame’s Pirate Room something other than Jame’s Pirate Room. We found this pirate cove sign on Ebay and added a tripod (and a ground breaking pirate to hid the tripod legs) and there we have it, Pirate Cove. We hope to find a small treasure chest to put in front of the ground breaking pirate but we have all summer (and plenty of garage sales) to worry about that. We figured that we would put the sign in front of his closet since it looks good with a black background and the closet is elevated a bit off the floor which makes it perfect to hide one of the tripod legs.

A quick weather update – We had some great weather in early to mid April but it has really cooled off for the last week of the month. Lows consistently at 39-41 degrees and highs 45-55 which means it is still sweater weather in Michigan. We were hoping to do some yard work this weekend but it is still a bit too cold and wet outside for that. Maybe we will go to Michaels and see if we can find this guy a little treasure chest.

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