Visit To Past Tense

20160116_154141The best news is the construction is finally over in Lapeer Michigan and it is so much easier to get here. With a long weekend due to the Martin Luther King holiday we took a drive to Past Tense. We realized this was the first time we have been here in the winter time but fortunately they have Halloween decorations up year round on their second floor (also Christmas and many antiques). Dynamike joined us on this trip as we told him about the garden shop there and he enjoys unique items in his garden. Mom bought a few Christmas items and a collectible old style wooden box, Dad got a couple new skeleton band members (bom bom and guitar) for the skeleton band. The manager at Past Tense said he will be going to an upcoming Halloween show in Texas so we hope the weather holds up and we can visit the store again in a couple weeks and maybe get a hint at some of the new items for 2016.

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