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  • BASIC INFO - James Halloween Party is an invitation based party that happens annually for James friends, family, teachers, etc. If you know James and did not receive an invitation and want to come please contact us as most likely it was an oversite on our part.

  • PARTY OR GET TOGETHER - We often refer to this as a Get Together rather than a party for several reasons. There are not any set times for events, the Party/Get Together starts October 19th, 2019 at 1:30pm and ends around 7:30pm so guest can just pop in for a minute and say hi or stay for a few hours, its completely up to you. Also the event is completely informal, you do not have to wear a costume like a costume party (although most kids do wear one and some adults also) nor is there a need to bring a gift like a birthday party. Its just a carefree "spooky" event where parents and kids can get together for a bit and hopefully have fun.

  • ACTIVITIES - We do have games the kids can play anytime such as Wii, Pinball, Halloween Games, etc. and we have many crafts that the kids can put together. We do not schedule anything so the kids can move back and forth from one activity to another if they like.

  • DECORATIONS - We try to decorate the entire house with Halloween decorations but hopefully nothing too scary. Most of the lifesize animated figures do not do anything unless the child presses a button.

  • FOOD AND BEVERAGE - There should be plenty to eat for the kids including Hot and Ready pizza, chips, snacks, etc. We also have bottled water, soda pop (caffeine and non caffeine), and juice.

  • WHAT TO BRING - Just yourself, family (children, siblings, grandparents, etc) and friends of the family are also welcome.

  • RSVP - There is no need to RSVP but feel free to do so if you like. It does give us an idea of how much pizza to order.